About the Glen Ridge Trial, WikiPedia writes:

Detective Lieutenant Richard Corcoran put Detective Sheila Byron in charge of investigating the case. Byron’s main focus was to establish if the victim had given consent, or whether she was incapable of giving consent.

During her interviews with the victim, it became clear to Byron that the victim did not completely understand what had happened to her, so she would not have known she could say no. During the investigation, it became clear that the victim still wanted the athletes to like her and that she did not want to get them in trouble”.

“The victim could have said no” simply means: she didn’t.

“She wanted them to like her and not getting into trouble” means: she is not a deeply traumatized “survivor” suffering from seizures hearing the word “Glen Ridge”.

All you consider “rape” is the pervert practice of introducing objects into someones sexual organs.

“Perversion” however is not a crime, sexual activities are not subject to standards of political correctness or religious tastes.

You and me don’t need to like it for that activity not being a crime nevertheless.

After all the offenders received 15 years of prison time.

Is that nothing?

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